David Lee (CEO of fanC Foundation)

Mr. Lee Dongho, the CEO of fanC Foundation, is a seasoned professional with a background in Computer Engineering and an MBA from Saint Louis University in the United States. With extensive experience gained as the Country Head of Visa and American Express in Korea, followed by a tenure as an executive at Standard Chartered Bank, he possesses a diverse portfolio in finance and credit card business. Recognizing the potential of blockchain technology to enable various products and services previously unattainable in traditional financial markets, he co-founded fanC Foundation. As CEO, leveraging his expertise in blockchain technology and financial services, he leads innovative projects worldwide, driving transformation in the industry.

  • CEO's professional background

    • Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from Saint Louis University, USA

    • Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Saint Louis University, USA

    • Former Vice President at VisaCard

    • Former Korea Branch Manager at American Express

    • Former Executive at Standard Chartered

    • Current CEO of fanC Foundation

What is fanC?

fanC is a project that connects creators, users, and social platforms based on both Web2 and Web3 technologies. Through fanC, social platforms enable mutual sharing between creators and users, allowing creators to truly own their content. Lastly, users can participate in platform operations and receive a portion of the profits. In this way, fanC will usher in a new era of social ai platforms through the interconnection of various participants, protection of creators' rights, and user engagement.

💡Experience Enhancement with AI Technology

fanC utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to assess the value of user activities on Social Platforms and reward them with tokens, while also detecting copyright infringements and abusive accounts to prevent reward misuse. This enables creators to more accurately measure rewards for their content, while users can also receive rewards. Through this method, fanC enhances the experiences of various participants within social platforms using AI.

💡 Using NFTs for Ads

fanC uses advanced NFT technology for linked ads that expand advertisers' reacah and encourage user interaction. NFTs improve ad efficiency, increase user engagement, and enhance network effects across platforms. Within fanC, platforms offer more value to advertisers through NFTs, maximizing ad impact, boosting revenue, and providing diverse ad content.

💡 User Authentication via SBT

fanC supports user authentication for digital activities through SBT, which is a non-tradable NFT. Users can receive SBT as rewards for their platform activities. This enables creators to more accurately measure rewards for their content, while users can also benefit from rewards. Moreover, users holding SBT can seamlessly carry their existing records to other social platforms when they switch. Ultimately, this forms a unified ecosystem connecting numerous social platforms.

💡 Financial Payment Services

  • POS Payment: Integration of cryptocurrency POS systems into offline stores and online platforms. Through these systems, customers can make payments using cryptocurrency wallets, with the option for sellers to convert cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies.

  • P2P Transfers: Direct transfer of cryptocurrencies between wallets without intermediaries. This is useful for quick transfers between friends, family, or freelancers, typically settling much faster, within minutes or seconds, compared to traditional bank transfers, as transactions are recorded directly on the blockchain without the need for intermediary approval.


fanC aims to connect numerous social platforms with Web3, providing appropriate revenue to content creators and users who have not received proper compensation thus far, thereby expanding the Web3 experience and fostering the growth of the virtual asset market. We are building a new digital era platform where all users and creators can freely communicate and collaborate. fanC supports better digital experiences and creative activities, and seeks to guide users towards making their social media activities more meaningful and rewarding.

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